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Laundry Products
Do not fall foul of the free on loan dispenser option offered to you...

Look at the facts first and consider the true cost of a free dispenser. When did you truly have a free meal from a manufacturer! The cost of a so called free dispenser will be built into the cost of the laundry liquid you are contracted to buy. You may also be told how much you have to take and not what you actually need.

At CHS we sell laundry liquids not overpriced contracts. We can tell you where to buy pumps from at reasonable cost and then you can make huge savings over many years when compared to the so called free on loan dispenser contract that you may have signed unwittingly. Buy what you want when you want and as much as you want.
Over a 24 month period a 'Free Pump' contract could cost you over £700.00 more!

With CHS you get quality Liquid and Conditioner in quantities you require, without getting tied into a 'minimum amount' contract.

We supply the market leading brands by Daz, Ariel, Persil etc and a cost effective alternative range by Cleenol with a range of products to suit all budgets there is sure to be a product that will work for you